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Keystone Human Services International

Community for All – Moldova - Working toward a vision where all people are valued members of the community - Learn more - Two children smile for the camera
Returning Home - “I would ask people to treat children with disabilities as normal children. We are the same. There is no difference.” - Stanislav - Learn more - Boy smiles for the camera
Clinton Global Initiative: Commitment to Action - Working to move women and girls with disabilities out of institutions and provide employment opportunities
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What We Do

Keystone Human Services International (KHSI) builds upon a firm tradition of individual empowerment and community restoration to provide services, programs, and support to improve the lives of children and families outside the United States. KHSI promotes strong community-based human service systems throughout Eastern Europe and beyond, bridging the cultural boundaries that have allowed the children and families of these regions to endure immense hardship largely in silence. By transcending these borders, we are contributing to a great network of committed global organizations, constructing a bridge to a safer world.

Since 2014, KHSI has been granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nation’s Economic and Social Council for Non-Governmental Organizations.

Keystone Moldova - We help people to lead full, active lives in the community. Visit our Web site to learn more.


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