The June Self-Advocacy Summit - Speaking Up for Yourself and Others

The Keystone Human Services June Summit brings a global conversation about inclusion to Central Pennsylvania. Panelists from around the world will share their personal stories and discuss human rights and advocacy.

Although the current COVID-19 outbreak caused us to postpone the 2020 Summit, global advocacy work continues. In fact, the global pandemic has amplified the importance of listening to everyone’s voices and taking action to promote inclusion.

Advocate leaders from Keystone Human Services and Inclusion International’s Empower Us Program (external website), who met during the inaugural June Summit in 2019, gathered via Zoom in June 2020 to discuss their ongoing advocacy work and the challenges advocates are facing because of COVID-19. Hailing from Peru, Moldova, the United Kingdom, and the United States, the group also explored the opportunities we all are recognizing for staying connected and empowered, locally and globally, through the use of technology.

We hope to continue these discussions with a broader audience and highlight the actions taken by these powerful advocates during the June Summit later in 2020.

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