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We Are Dignity - 'I have a dream.' - Three kids smile for the camera.
We Are Self-Sufficiency - 'I have a home.' - Two women smile for the camera outside of a house
We Are Opportunity - 'I have a job.' - Woman in store uniform in store
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Who We Are

Keystone Human Services works to create an environment where all people, regardless of ability, can grow, make choices and be valued and contributing members of the community.

Young man exercises on treadmill and smiles for the camera.

What We Do

Keystone Human Services provides community-based services for children, adolescents, adults, and families in the areas of intellectual disabilities, autism, mental health, early intervention, and children and family services. In addition, we provide technical assistance to governments and other organizations to develop frameworks of support for people with disabilities. We also support educational efforts to promote community understanding and awareness of the value and importance of inclusion for all people in all aspects of society. We offer services and supports in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Delaware in the United States, as well as parts of Eastern Europe and India.

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Donate Now

Share the Possibilities with the Children of Moldova

All children need a safe place to learn and play, healthy meals, clean clothes, and access to running water. This #GivingTuesday, you can make that a reality for the children living in the village of Tudora in Moldova. On November 28, your donation will support the Unitate Community Center, a place where some of Moldova’s most vulnerable children go to fulfill their most basic needs and gain confidence and hope for a better future. By attending the Unitate Community Center, they’ve discovered that their futures are full of possibilities.

Learn more about #GivingTuesday for Moldova

Top Stories

Group photo of people smiling for the camera

Making Deinstitutionalization Real: Moving from the Idea toward the Ideal

Join Keystone Human Services International at the United Nations on June 14 for the Side Event “Making Deinstitutionalization Real: Moving from the Idea toward the Ideal.” This Side Event is part of the 10th Session of the Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. A panel of change agents from India, the Republic of Moldova, and the United States will explore questions and answers on how to build inclusive communities.

More details

Veronica Rotaru stands with her arms around two men standing at her sides as they all smile for the camera

Congratulations to Veronica Rotaru, Moldova’s Direct Support Professional of the Year!

Keystone Human Services is pleased to announce that Veronica Rotaru has received ANCOR’s 2017 Direct Support Professional of the Year in the Republic of Moldova Award! This is the first time that a direct support professional in Moldova has received this award. For the past three years, Veronica has supported six men who left an institution to live full lives in the community and pursue their dreams.

Read more

Capital Area Head Start Receives Federal Grant to Extend Classroom Hours

One hundred ninety-two preschool children in Capital Area Head Start will have extended classroom hours, thanks to a $1.12 million federal grant. Capital Area Head Start (CAHS) will almost double the hours of instructional time for current students in Dauphin, Cumberland, and Perry Counties. To accommodate for the extended hours, CAHS will be opening additional classrooms and hiring more teachers. Read more

Fix the DSP Crisis A Film by PAR

“I love my job as a DSP. This is something that I love to do,” says Keya.

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) support individuals with intellectual disabilities in their daily lives, from their health to their social lives. DSPs are hard-working and dedicated to the people they support, yet they often struggle to meet their own needs because Pennsylvania’s rates haven’t increased in 10 years and wages have flat-lined.

Keystone Human Services has joined with PAR (Pennsylvania Advocacy and Resources for Autism and Intellectual Disability) and other PA human services organizations in advocating for a 2017-2018 Pennsylvania budget that invests in intellectual disability and autism services. The proposed PA budget bill, HB 218, includes increased funding for intellectual disability and autism services, which is critical to the people we serve and the people who support them.

Watch PAR’s video, “Fix the DSP Crisis,” above and visit to learn what you can do to advocate for individuals with disabilities and the people who support them.

Disabilities: Social and Financial Inclusion for Women and Girls

“I want people to understand that we have abilities, we are part of society, and we have the same rights as others,” says Tamara Andries, a self advocate.

On September 19, she and Ludmila Jalba, an advocate for people with disabilities, share their stories during the Clinton Global Initiative. Both women have benefited from Keystone Human Services’ Commitment to Action, entitled “Disabilities: Social and Financial Inclusion for Women and Girls.” From 2013-2016, Keystone Human Services committed to create entrepreneurial and workforce opportunities for women with disabilities and caregivers of children with disabilities. As well, we assisted women and girls to leave institutions and join their communities.

Jerome Williams works with a man while they are both seated at a table

Jerome Williams Received Pennsylvania Direct Support Professional Award

Congratulations to Jerome Williams for winning the 2016 Pennsylvania Direct Support Professional of the Year Award from ANCOR! This award is given annually to the direct support professional who has been exemplary in their service. Jerome works in Keystone Human Services Intellectual Disabilities Services in Central PA. For the past 27 years, he has built trusting relationships with the people he supports and has been a strong advocate for people to live in the community and pursue their dreams.

Read more

Watch Now: “i go home,” a Documentary on the History of People with Disabilities in Pennsylvania

WITF’s documentary i go home tells the history of institutionalization of people with disabilities. It’s a story of abuse and neglect, hope and reform, and the incredible resiliency of the human spirit. Although i go home focuses on Pennsylvania, similar stories can be found across the United States and the world.

Keystone Human Services President Dennis Felty and Betsy Neuville, the Director of Keystone Institute, were among the people interviewed for the film.

We encourage you to watch and share the documentary.

Watch the documentary

The First World Report on Disability

The World Health Organization and the World Bank have partnered to produce the first ever World Report on Disability. The data shows that over one billion people are currently experiencing disability, and the report provides important evidence about effective methods of supporting people with disabilities and their families. At a time when many countries are taking steps to implement the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, this report will make a significant contribution to human services across the globe.

Read the World Report on Disability.

Read the Inclusive Employment Blog

Did you know that everyone can work? With support from family, friends, schools, human service agencies, and businesses, people with disabilities are taking steps to find successful inclusive employment. On our new Inclusive Employment blog, we discuss the hows and whys of giving people the opportunity for inclusive employment, as well as some of the challenges. Read the blog and join the conversation.

Read the Inclusive Employment blog

Employment Resource Center

Keystone Human Services believes that everyone can be a contributing member of society and that being employed is an important part of a person's involvement in the community. KHS provides support for individuals to use their abilities to become a vital part of the workforce. The online Employment Resource Center provides resources for employers and people seeking employment, as well as success stories of people who have successfully found and maintained employment.

Learn more

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