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Supportive Living

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Through Supportive Living Services, men and women learn to become self-sufficient and have many opportunities to grow and explore their interests. Each person receives supports within their own home or apartment or in a home or apartment rented by Keystone, creating an environment that promotes relationships with friends, family, roommates, neighbors, landlords, co-workers and the community.

Each person receives the amount of support they need or want. A team of support specialists works with each person to develop a person-centered plan that reflects each person’s goals, wishes and interests. Through Supportive Living Services, men and women receive support in household management, health and wellness, and are empowered to actively participate in the community.

To participate in the community or access other services and resources in the area, men and women use public transportation. When public transportation is not available, however, Keystone’s support specialists provide transportation so that people never miss an opportunity. Should it be necessary, trained staff is available on call twenty-four hours a day.

CHIP/P Supportive Living is available in Lancaster County for individuals with serious mental illness who quality for Pennsylvania’s CHIP/P program.

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