We believe that every person who has the desire to work should have the opportunity to be employed in gainful and meaningful employment. Finding competitive employment in the community is one way for people to increase their independence.

Supported Employment provides the supports an individual needs to successfully find and maintain a job. Men and women receive assistance to build their resume and discover their skills and abilities. Other services include:

  • Career planning
  • Job coaching
  • Preparation for interviews
  • Exploration of volunteer and educational opportunities
  • Job searches

Men and women may also receive assistance to develop a personal business or find employment based on a personal assessment process.

Once an individual finds employment, they may receive support during the training process. We provide continual support when needed to assist individuals to maintain long-term employment, including emotional support, counseling, and specific job-related problem-solving interventions.

Referral Process

We work closely with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) to support individuals in their employment goals. When an individual expresses interest in becoming competitively employed, the supports coordinator refers them to OVR, which evaluates the person for employment. If the person is approved, they select their provider and begin the job seeking process. Those who are not approved by OVR may use Medicaid waiver funds for employment supports.