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Intellectual Disabilities Services

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Adult Day Services
To enhance personal fulfillment and growth, Adult Day Services provides opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities or autism to participate in recreational activities, volunteer or attend community events.
Community Homes
Community Homes support men and women to live in a home within their community. While living in Community Homes, men and women receive support to realize their personal potential and pursue independent, productive and meaningful lives. Community Homes are known as Residential Living Services at Keystone Human Services Mid Atlantic in Delaware and Community Living Arrangements at Key Human Services, Inc. in Connecticut.
Community Training Homes
A licensed foster care arrangement, Community Training Homes offered children, adolescents and adults the opportunity to thrive in a home environment.
Independent Living Services
With Independent Living Services, each person receives services in the community while living in their own home.
Individual and Family Support Services
Individual and Family Support Services supports people to live in their own home or with their families. Our professional staff provide services to support people to make healthy choices and keep families together.
Individualized Day Support
Individualized Day Support assists men and women to achieve their personal goals in work, community participation or retirement activities.
Individualized Home Supports
Individualized Home Supports provides supports tailored to each person's individual needs. Men and women live in apartments throughout Connecticut and receive support to make choices and live independently.
Lifesharing Thru Family Living
In Lifesharing Thru Family Living, men and women live with host families who have opened their home to provide supports and share their lives. Enduring relationships are formed, which are the foundation of developing life skills and self esteem, as well as a rich family, community and civic life.
Nursing Services
Comprehensive Nursing Services address the needs of men, women and children with developmental disabilities. Nursing services includes RN on Call, which makes a registered nurse available 24 hours a day. Nurses are also available to contract with other agencies.
Respite Services
Respite Services provides temporary support for children and adults with intellectual disabilities and autism or for those in recovery from mental illness. While individuals use Respite Services, they continue to receive comprehensive and individualized supports based on their needs.
Service Dogs
Service dogs assist men, women and children to be more independent in their daily lives. Susquehanna Service Dogs specially trains each dog for each person's unique needs. Dogs can open doors, turn lights on and off, find the phone, search for a person, retrieve a variety of items and much more.
Supported Employment
Individuals receive support to successfully find and maintain a job in the community. Services include assistance with finding employment, job coaching, or developing a personal business. Once men and women find jobs, we provide continual support as needed so they can maintain their jobs over the long term.
Supported Living
Individuals receive support to become more independent and have many opportunities to grow and explore their interests. Supported Living provides opportunities to build meaningful relationships, gain employment and access community resources.
Supportive Living
Through Supportive Living Services, men and women learn to become self-sufficient and have many opportunities to grow and explore their interests. Each person receives supports within their own home or apartment or in a home or apartment rented by Keystone.
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