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High Fidelity Wraparound

In playground, young boy sits in tire swing and smiles for the camera.

High Fidelity Wraparound is a process of coordinating care to meet families’ needs, based on the idea that families already have many of the resources they need to be successful. A new team-based planning process, Wraparound focuses on the strengths of youth and family, as well as culture and their choice of care.

Please note that Wraparound is not a separate service. It is designed to work with any services individuals or families already receive. Wraparound increases youth and family confidence, so they can create positive change in their lives. It also strengthens each family’s social support system so they and their children can succeed. A team of natural and formal supports work together to create an integrated and simplified plan for the whole family that supports the family to move toward their vision of the future.

Wraparound is available for children up to age 21 who are experiencing behavioral health concerns, are new to services, and are currently being considered for more restrictive levels of care. Wraparound is also available for children and families who already receive services.

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