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Domiciliary Care

The Domiciliary Care Homes provide a supportive, homelike, community-based living arrangement for adults with mental illness to help them remain in the community. Designed for individuals at risk for repeated state hospitalizations, this service serves as an alternative to institutionalization. Domiciliary Care offers opportunities for success for individuals who may not have been successful in more traditional Community Residential Rehabilitation Services.

Individuals live in semi-attached townhouses in a community home arrangement in Lancaster County. Three individuals live in each home with access to supports 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A mental health professional provides services, including individual counseling and group sessions.

Individuals are assisted in developing skills in self-care, health care, nutritional education, medication and mental illness management, mobility, money management, interpersonal skills, vocational and educational pursuits, leisure activities, time structuring and community participation. All skills are targeted towards helping individuals become more independent and participating members of the community.

See Lifesharing Thru Family Living for Domiciliary Care through Keystone Community Mental Health Services.

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