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Comprehensive Autism Evaluations

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Once a child or adult is diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), they can receive guidance for available services and prompt access to services and effective treatment approaches. Children & Family Services provides Comprehensive Autism Evaluations for children.

A Team Approach

Diagnostic autism evaluations are complex, and according to the best practice guidelines in the United States, a multidisciplinary team is the best way to get an appropriate diagnosis and recommendations for services. Because an evaluation involves multiple activities and areas of expertise, professionals from various disciplines are part of the process. We employ a psychologist, a speech pathologist and an occupational therapist in each child’s evaluation. In some cases, our team is able to rule out autism as the cause of a child’s developmental delay, provide a diagnosis other than autism, and prescribe services based on a different diagnosis.

The primary care physician (PCP) plays an essential role in this process, and we believe that by using our team in conjunction with the child’s PCP, the evaluation will be thorough and cover all aspects. The team may use the PCP for referrals for additional medical evaluations, laboratory tests and genetic tests.

Use of a Standardized Test

Our evaluation process includes the “gold standard” for diagnosing autism, the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedules. We also review all information we receive from treating therapists, daycares, and of course, parents. Additional tests are used to determine if the criteria for an autism diagnosis are met. In the evaluation, we examine multiple areas of functioning to differentiate ASD from other conditions.

Access to Needed Services

Each family will have the opportunity to meet with the team after the evaluation to review the diagnostic criteria and recommendations. The family will be given a report and information on how to access the needed services funded by Medical Assistance and their behavioral health managed care company. Because this diagnosis and prescription for services is done by a psychologist, an additional psychological evaluation is not necessary. (When physicians diagnosis autism, an additional psychological evaluation is needed.)

We send a report directly to the provider of the family’s choice so that the individual service planning team meeting to establish services can occur in a timely manner. If the family chooses Children & Family Services, the care coordinator facilitates this process with our Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services.

Keystone Autism Services also offers Psychological Evaluation Services for Autism Spectrum Disorders. Fees cover preliminary record evaluation (school, medical, etc.), telephone, email and face to face contact, assessment scoring and interpretation and diagnostic evaluation report completion.  Following the completion of the diagnostic evaluation the individual will receive an individual feedback session to review the results of the evaluation, as well as a written evaluation report containing diagnoses and recommendations.   Please allow four weeks for completion of diagnostic evaluation prior to receiving individual feedback session. 

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