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Birth to Three

Toddler seated in red wagon outside smiles for the camera

Birth to Three is an early intervention program that provides direct services and supports to children who have a significant delay and their families. Provided in the child’s home or community, Birth to Three supports children to develop at a pace similar to their peers. Fifty percent of children who receive Birth to Three do not require special education services at age five.

This program is a collaboration between the family, their pediatrician and early childhood development specialists. Our specialists work with the child and family to form an individualized service team, which includes special educators and occupational, speech and physical therapists.

Services and supports are developed based on the child’s strengths and the family’s needs and priorities. The service team builds on existing learning and teaching activities that the family already does and provides additional and alternative approaches. Through this process, the family is coached on ways to teach their child new skills through natural learning opportunities in everyday routines, providing the greatest opportunity for growth and achievement.

Every child should have access to services that they require, and Key Human Services has created a sponsorship program to support families who require Birth to Three services.

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