Keystone India is designed to improve the lives of people with disability across India and fuel a change national change movement toward a more inclusive, just Indian society where all people are valued and belong.

Keystone Institute India, a project of Keystone India, serves as a catalyst for developing a service system in India that better safeguards vulnerable people, respects the voices and perspectives of people with disability and their families, and facilitates India’s movement toward a society where all people have possibilities and potential and all matter.

We seek partners and collaborators who wish to work together toward assisting people with developmental and psychosocial disabilities to join a movement of change, which provides opportunities for people to experience home, friends, family, work, and full participation in the community. We provide extensive consultation and education around developing responsive, effective, and inclusive support to help move toward belonging, acceptance, and a rich community life.

We develop and prepare emerging leaders to work toward community development, inclusive support, and integration instead of segregation.

We offer intensive workshops and presentations, provide international leadership in promising practices and ideas, and offer ongoing consultation and guidance in implementation strategies.

We provide a network of connections with organizations and people across Indian and internationally who are doing promising work in the disability sector to assist people with disability to take their place in society.