Residential Services are provided to adults living in licensed and unlicensed provider owned or rented homes. Services are based on the principle that each person has the ability to engage in lifelong learning. Participants are supported to acquire, maintain, or improve their skills to live more independently in the community and participate meaningfully in community life.

Services consist of assistance, support, and guidance in:

  • Self-care
  • Health maintenance
  • Decision making
  • Home management
  • Personal resource management
  • Communication
  • Mobility and transportation
  • Relationship development and socialization
  • Personal adjustment
  • Participation in community functions and activities
  • Use of community resources

The type and amount of services are determined by the person’s need for physical, psychological, and emotional assistances, established through the assessment and person centered planning process.

Residential Services are provided in the person’s primary residence and the home is considered their home. Respect for personal routines, rhythms, rights, independence, privacy, and personalization are central to services, as is access to experiences and opportunities for personal growth.

Behavior Support Services are included in Residential Services to support people to manage their own mental health diagnosis and emotional wellness, including self-management of their emotions.

Nurse Consultants through Keystone Human Services are available to support the person and their staff in developing practices that promote good health.