2017-2018 Annual Report

The Power of Community

Chuck is an active person, always on the lookout for new adventures. He keeps a list of places he would like to visit and is steadily checking them off. So far, he has attended his first concert, a hockey game, a monster truck show, and a demolition derby. He vacationed in Ocean City, Maryland, and along with his staff, he has visited the PA Grand Canyon, Graffiti Highway, Raystown Lake, and numerous auctions. He‘s building the life he wants in the community.

—Intellectual Disability Services

Volunteers from the community play a vital role in our mission, whether they‘re serving on one of our Boards, helping at an event, raising a service dog, or reading to students.

—Keystone Partnership

Community is a place where people come together, where everyone is invited and welcomed to join and participate. Each person has unique gifts and talents to share and many roles to fill, whether it‘s as an employee, a volunteer, a donor, a neighbor, friend, or other valued member of the community.

"“This workshop has been an amazing experience. It has been a learning experience about how we can change ourselves and the people around us to make this society a better place for everyone.”

—Keystone Institute India

People Served 6,798

$177,150,000 Annual Revenue

89% Total revenue spent on program support

Number of employees 3,299

443,870 Total volunteer hours

The Power of Relationships

Growing up, Kevin spent a lot of time with his dad, who was the fire chief at a local fire department. He knew all of the firemen in town and aspired to become one. But when his dad passed away, Kevin lost touch with the fire department. With the support of his direct care staff and supported employment specialists, Kevin formed a relationship with the New Jersey Firemen‘s Home, where he now works as support staff for elderly and wounded firemen. He‘s forming meaningful relationships and giving back to his community.

—Partnerships for People

We all need meaningful relationships. They act as a safeguard and form the foundation of support in our lives. Relationships with families, friends, co-workers, businesses, people we support, and members of the community all make a difference in creating a more inclusive world.

One mom said that without Head Start, she would have given up. Her son wouldn‘t be in school or have the services he‘s receiving, and she would never have gotten her daughter evaluated. Capital Area Head Start staff helped her advocate for herself and her family and encouraged her to meet her goals.

—Capital Area Head Start

Vadim‘s great dream was to establish his own family where he could feel loved and truly at home. In February 2018, his dream came true. He and his wife, Eugenia, now have their own home. They love telling the story of the day they met when they were picking grapes and decided they liked each other.

–Keystone Moldova

The Power of Dignity

A local musician welcomed Cody, a young man with autism, into his recording studio for an internship and began teaching him how to write and record music. He showed Cody various adaptations he could make to accommodate his needs. By the end of the internship, Cody not only learned he had perfect rhythm, but he wrote a full length blues song.

—Keystone Autism Services

Each person has equal and unconditional value. Everyone learns and grows throughout their lives, and each person has a vision for their life, shaped by their choices and experiences.

The PATH Planning tool is a powerful means of assisting people to envision a big vision for their life, realize their potential, and maximize their capacities. At the conclusion of one PATH meeting, a mother shared how hopeful and at peace it made her feel. She felt like someone other than herself was invested in her daughter's future.

—Keystone Institute

The Power of Inclusion

Our mission revolves around inclusion, where all people are valued, fully participating members of the community, the workforce, and school. Inclusion to learn, grow, and share the gifts that make each person unique. Good things happen when people's voices are heard and when they take an active role in the services they receive and their own lives.

Mike Ullman, the general manager at Advance Auto Parts in Phoenixville, PA champions inclusive employment for people with autism, and promotes unconditional respect among employees and customers. He knows the bottom line must take supportive, inclusive, respectful relationships among team members and customers into account. With the support of KAS, he was selected as a regional winner of the PAR 2018 "We Are Worth It" Community Employer of the Year Award.

—Keystone Autism Services

Keystone sponsored a side event entitled "Who Gets a Seat at the Table? When All Means Only Some" at the 11th session of the United Nation's Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The panel discussion examined perspectives from the Global South and Global North on how some deeply marginalized groups of people are being left out and denied access to their human rights.

—Keystone Human Services International

The Power of Independence

Independence takes many forms and looks different for each person. For some, it means having a job and getting a paycheck. For others, it's living in their home, going to school, and having a voice in the services they receive. For all, it means having choices, opportunities, and the freedom to take risks as they pursue their goals and dreams.

Portrait of Robert Lightly and SSD TieRod

"Since I got my service dog, SSD TieRod, the severity of my depression has decreased. I am able to go more places because he helps me manage my anxiety. When my back is in pain, I use him to get up more easily and ensure I don't fall. Recently, we went on a family vacation and I could feel the 'fun Bob' coming out again. TieRod has given me my confidence back to live life to its fullest."

—Robert Lighty and SSD TieRod

Determined to meet his goals, one gentleman found a job, where he earned a reputation for being hardworking and dependable. Soon he was able to afford a car so he could drive himself to work, and after several more months, he moved into his own apartment. He's now married and has a new, better job. After many difficult years, including time in prison, he has established a good life with a bright future.

—Mental Health Services

Linda has worked hard for her independence. She now has her own apartment, and is traveling and vacationing with her family. She and her family are proud of the success she has achieved. Stepping back and providing Linda with the independence she needed was the key to success.

—Key Human Services

The Power of Keystone

Since 1972, Keystone Human Services has dedicated itself to supporting people to live their best lives in the community. Many years ago when we first began supporting people to move out of the Harrisburg State Hospital, we made a promise that we would be there for a lifetime, should people need us.

From that day, we have been there as many other people left institutions and built meaningful lives in their own homes. We have been there as children and families living in poverty have reached their goals in school and work. We have been there as people have advocated for themselves, pursued their dreams, and formed meaningful relationships.

We have a vision of a world where all people belong and are welcomed to participate in their communities, and we have added our voice, knowledge, and expertise to the global movement to include people with disabilities in all aspects of society. Although we began in Harrisburg, we have expanded throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, and most recently New Jersey in the United States, as well as Moldova and India.

We offer a broad array of services in the areas of intellectual disabilities, mental health, autism, early intervention, and children and family services. In addition to providing these community-based services, we offer Head Start services to over 1,000 children and families in Central Pennsylvania through Capital Area Head Start, and place life-changing service dogs with children and adults through Susquehanna Service Dogs. We offer technical assistance to governments, regulators, and other organizations, and provide educational opportunities to promote inclusion around the world.

Our work is a commitment and it takes many dedicated people to carry out our mission of creating an environment where all people can grow, make choices, and be valued, participating members of the community. We are advocates and change agents, walking beside the people we support as we raise our voices together to create a more inclusive world.

Portraits of Jennifer Chambers and Charles Hooker

Jennifer Chambers, M.D.
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Keystone Human Services

Charles J. Hooker, III
President and Chief Executive Officer
Keystone Human Services

Dear KHS Membership,

Since its inception, Keystone Human Services has committed to a mission of service to individuals with disability. At the heart of our vision is an inclusive world, where people with disability can experience all that the power of community has to offer. We believe through the processes of inclusion and change, all people together will help build a stronger future.

The Impact of Keystone

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Keystone Autism Services:

56% of the people in the ACAP program are employed

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Social Media:

37,847 total social media followers

Susquehanna Service Dogs:

144 Working Teams

Capital Area Head Start:

170,316 lunches served during the school year

Key Human Services:

30 People newly receiving supports in the community

Keystone India:

20,000 person hours of public education

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Keystone Moldova:

300 people to date returned to the community from institutions

Mental Health:

18 Leadership Council Members


Keystone Institute:

100% of new KHS employees receive the orientation to Keystone's values and vision

Partnerships for People:

3 Open meetings per year for family feedback and communication

Intellectual Disabilities:

26 OVER 25. 26 employees have been part of KHS Intellectual Disability Services for more than 25 years

Executive Leadership Team

We believe that strength of character, compassion, integrity, and duty are some of the necessary traits of a good leader. The individuals that make up our leadership contingent personify these traits as well as others.

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Award Recipients

Edna Silberman Humanitarian Service Award logo

Nancy Thaler to receive the Edna Silberman Humanitarian Service Award

The Edna Silberman Humanitarian Service Award is one of Keystone Human Services‘ highest honors. The award is presented annually to outstanding citizens who have made significant contributions to individuals, the community, and Keystone Human Services and have played a major role in making KHS‘s vision real in the lives of others.

Dr. Joseph A. Adlestein Professional Leadership Award logo

Roger W. Burns to receive the Dr. Joseph A. Adlestein Professional Leadership Award

Established in 2010, the Dr. Joseph Adlestein Professional Leadership Award is given to an individual in a professional role who is a powerful advocate for people with disabilities, supporting them to be valued and fully participating members of society. Each year, the Award Committee, appointed by the Keystone Human Services Board of Directors, chooses an awardee from nominations submitted by the community.